Envision AESC TISAX consulting launched

On October 8th, Envision AESC Technology (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. In the half -year consulting service, the participants include all members of the Glorytime Project, the district office, the IT department, the R & D center, and the Ministry of quality internal construction. At the launch meeting, Glorytime conducted information security awareness and standard training for the long -view power technology, and conducted departmental interviews, on -site investigations, and analyzing the status quo of information security management after the meeting.


Envision AESC Technology is the industry's leading smart battery technology company. With intelligent IoT's breakthrough in power battery performance and application boundaries, create more intelligent scenarios, allow electric vehicles to participate in fragmented renewable energy systems, and provide intelligent dynamic balance, and promote the common development of clean energy and new energy automobile industries.

Background of the project
As an expected supplier of the new energy vehicle industry, because the European car manufacturers have proposed the compliance requirements of TISAX established based on the ISO/IEC 27001 system and GDPR compliance requirements. In order to develop business development in the later period, according to the requirements of the customer in the future, the ISO/IEC 27001 and TISAX compliance consulting and certification services need to be activated and obtained certification.

The ISO/IEC 27001 information security management system is the management system implemented by the British Standards Association BS7799-2 standard by the International Organization of the International Standard (ISO), becoming an international general language for "information security management". The latest version is ISO/IEC 27001: 2013. This standard is the only information security management standard in the world. Enterprises establishing the ISO/IEC 27001 system can effectively ensure the reliability of enterprises in the field of information security, reduce the risk of leakage of enterprises, and better preserve core data and important information.

Tisax was launched by the German Automotive Industry Federation (VDA) and the European Automobile Industry Communication Network (ENX) in 2017. It is a special automotive industry for the ISO/IEC 27001 information security management system standard and VDA-ISA information security evaluation inspection Information security standards. Tisax contains three evaluation levels, of which Level 1 is an enterprise self -assessment, only internal use. Level 2 and Level 3 need to be evaluated by third -party certification agencies, while Level 3 is the highest level, which requires the highest and strictest. After passing the review, the company can get TISAX evaluation tags.


TISAX provides consistent evaluation standards for the automotive industry to replace different standards from various OEMs before. It has provided the OEMs and suppliers with a three -year safety label through a mechanism that can be used by various parties and available for use. After completing the review, each registered participant can selectively share the results on the platform.

Project requirements
1. It is necessary to assist the distant Envision AESC technology to establish a company -level information security system standard, speech path, prepare all levels of system documents and establish operating mechanisms;
2. It is necessary to assist the Envision AESC technology to establish application design, data security, and information -level related specifications, conduct a survey of status quo, and complete the establishment of relevant information security standards. Responsible for putting forward rectification opinions on the status quo and assisting the information security team to promote the completion of the rectification.

Envision AESC Technology China expects that the project partner will provide the company in accordance with the compliance requirements of ISO/IEC 27001 and TISAX, to provide a construction plan, and assist the visual power technology in China to complete the basic implementation of security compliance and finally obtain certification.

During the launching meeting of this project, the senior expert consultant of Glorytime carried out multi-level and multi-dimensional in terms of information security basic knowledge, VDA-ISA TISAX information security management system, how to implement the information security management system and effectiveness, and review. Professional explanations, content involves information security risk management, data protection and regulations, TISAX preparations and TISAX evaluation and implementation procedures, self -assessment and maturity models, etc., and use case analysis to help participants in the meeting more in -depth understanding TISAX -related standard requirements and actual operations to help companies continue to improve in the field of automotive information security with reference to the best practice and combining their own characteristics.

TISAX is placed on promoting the information security requirements of different hosting manufacturers to promote the automobile industry suppliers to ensure that its evaluation results can obtain mutual recognition, exchange and trust in a wide range of evaluation results. As the leading domestic information security consulting company, Glorytime has successfully completed the TISAX evaluation and label for many well -known domestic auto suppliers with professional teams, customized solutions and complete after -sales service.

At the same time, Glorytime brings the industry's advanced best practice in terms of information management, information security, and IT service management. Enterprises have brought a wide range of value -added experience.