Master Kong Information Security Consulting Launched


In 2020, Master Kong's headquarters and 4 business departments headquarters -instant noodles, drinks, pneumatic/business rights, and pastry have passed ISO/IEC 27001 information security management system certification, and in 2021 Marketing company.

Glorytime becomes a partner of Master Kong

As a well -known comprehensive food and beverage brand, Master Kong is loved by consumers. Master Kong has set up production bases in Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Chongqing, Xi'an, Shenyang and other places, from the convenience of the food industry to the pastry and drinking industry. Master Kong has many product lines and the sales network is complicated. In order to improve operating efficiency, Master Kong has also continued to make digital layouts in recent years to empower all aspects of production, warehousing, logistics and sales. Essence


In the process of promoting "digitalization", Master Kong has always attached great importance to information security construction. This time, Master Kong hopes to introduce and expand the information security system of Master Kong through the introduction of professional consulting partners. In the project process, there will be substantial output and landing, and in the future, he can continue to assist Master Kong to further advance and expand the system. After a series of screening, Shanghai Glorytime Information Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as Glorytime) was fortunate to be a partner of Master Kong's information security consulting service.


System construction helps enterprise operation

The improvement of the system construction is another comprehensive "health examination" of Master Kong's information security management. The project does not take the purpose of certification. With Glorytime's professional experience and multi -industry consultation experience, through the improvement and expansion of management requirements and system requirements, better service upstream and downstream partners and consumers. During the project, the consulting team will communicate with the Master Kong team in a targeted manner and carry out group information security planning, regional operational security, information disclosure, compliance management, data protection and other content to protect the future comprehensive competitiveness of the region.


The project takes the Zhejiang region as the pilot to carry out information security management and implementation work at the regional level. Glorytime has invested 10 people in this work to promote and implement the tasks of the project. Starting and carried out work, this work is currently carried out in an orderly and steadily in the project plan. During the project, the consulting team will assist Master Kong team to carry out a series of landing and implementation work in a planned step. Based on the early results of the pilot work, this pilot work will innovate management policies and implementation tools, create the methodology at the floor -to -ceiling level, and make a regional example with the attitude of the nation's pilot area.


As a leading company in the Chinese food and beverage industry, Master Kong has conducted in -depth and extensive cooperation with standardized organizations at home and abroad under the guidance of the government in recent years. Glorytime is a leading domestic management consulting company that conducts and provides information security training and solutions on this basis. Master Kong is a model for the United Nations Sustainable Development. It is hoped that through this cooperation, Glorytime can deepen its in depth support for Master Kong and establish long -term strategic partnerships.


High professionalism is the cornerstone of Glorytime's survival, development and growth. As a leading professional management consulting company in China, Glorytime has always been at the forefront of follow up and implementation of information security management standards, and actively participate in discussions, transformation and promotion of relevant international and domestic standards. GLORYTIME is committed to improving the level of corporate information security management through diversified information security services, and strengthening corporate anti risk management and control capabilities.